I booked a venue that includes an event planner, will they perform the same duties as a planner I would hire myself?

Event planners that work for a hotel, catering hall, conference center, etc. are employees of that venue. Their job is certainly to assist you, but they are primarily accountable to their employer. However when you hire your own event planner, she is solely accountable to making sure all of your needs and wishes are fulfilled. They are an advocate for you, specifically when your plans may differ from those of the venue. 

Can I afford an event planner?

That is a personal call that everyone needs to make. Budgets are very personal and I would never overstep to say that everyone should make hiring a planner a priority. If you think there's room in your budget to hire a planner, here's what you can expect to gain:

  • Time: If you can't imagine when you'll have the time to investigate prices, research vendors, hold calls and meetings, investigate reviews and follow up to make sure they're fulfilling on their obligations - then hiring a planner might be worth the investment. 
  • Money: It may seem counterintuitive but hiring an experienced planner can actually save you money in the long run. They have the connections, knowledge and negotiation skills to get you fair prices on everything you need for your event. 
  • Experience: Like anything else, the end result of an event will be more organized, impactful, less stressful and budget friendly if undertaken by an experienced professional. 
  • Neutral zone: Specifically for weddings, taking into account the many opinions and emotions of family and friends can be very stressful. Having a neutral party to help shoulder the burden, advise on best practices and push back on people for you can be a huge help for some couples. 

Why shouldn't I just assign one of my employees to plan the company event?

Each cog in the company wheel has an important function and planning an event can be a distraction to that main role. However many companies can't justify the salary of a full time event planner for the few events they host each year. Hiring a freelance event planner as needed is a great way to allow your full time employees to focus on their roles while benefitting from the expertise and connections of a professional.